CEO’s Message

We pledge to build a heartful and rich society...

CEO's Message

"Electric utility deregulation" will begin in April, 2016 in Japan which is aimed at making a better future for all Japanese. This will allow consumers to choose their electric contract freely and not be tied to the limited option of a few major electric power providers. In the new electric power era, it is critical to secure stable electricity.

There are various ways to secure stable supply by generating by ourselves, or by acquiring from the major power company. In addition, it is getting popular to purchase electricity generated by photovoltaic power generation from residential rooftop installations. It seems consumers often pay higher prices when they are part of a fixed price wholesale purchase system.

In order to get new customer after the electric utility deregulation, consumer’s choice for electricity should be diversified. For example, some who are conscious about the environment will prefer electric supply that is generated by renewable energy sources such as solar photovoltaic energy or wind energy that will reduce carbon footprints and are also non-nuclear sources of energy. There will be others who will prefer to go for conventional sources of energy because they want to buy cheap electricity in large quantities.

In the end, it is for the betterment of our future.

At the starting point of such a complex scenario, we believe that both, the product and the service must be innovative.

We would like to serve our clients, simple solutions and services, that will combine the best of technology, knowledge and innovation in every domain.

Hideki Yamaguchi - CEO, Daisho Denki Corporation 


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